Do you know that feeling when you have a song in your head? All you need is someone who hums the song or a part of it and your brain starts.

The feeling can be wonderful and all you have to do is enjoy the moment, sing the song or dance if you can.

There is a dog named Tank who has the same phenomenon, even if he is canine.

When he hears his favorite song, he can only sing. Although he is a dog, his singing is unmatched. Fortunately, his owner had the ability and motivation to capture his singing on camera for us.

In the video, Tank (a Pitbull), is seen chewing his toy on the couch. Meanwhile, his owner in the background plays a Cardi B song open for him by Alexa. As soon as the dog hears the song, he completely forgets his toy.

He begins to move his head from one point to another and looks confused while waiting for another song to be heard.

The owner knows exactly what the dog is waiting for. He then tells Alexa to play “Tennessee Whiskey” by Christ Stapleton. The dog does not seem to be impressed by the Cardi B, but suddenly he does something unexpected when he hears the second song. When the country comes, the dog can not help but scream with the first lines of the song. This dog knows how to sing!

Although he can not pronounce the words, his screams are absolutely amazing with the song in the background. It is obvious that this dog loves music and this song is one of his favorites. He even left his toy and forgot it. He sang the song with all his heart.

The video of Tank’s singing has captured the hearts of the net surfers.

He not only sang. Tank also danced lightly on the song. The images of him are absolutely fun and amazing. As the song continues, Tank continues to sing. He has fun. The sight of the beautiful animal having fun while listening to his favorite songs reminds us that it is also necessary to sing more often.

The video, which has been uploaded to Youtube, currently has more than 1 million views. Viral video makes you love this unique dog and his singing. In the street, it may seem fierce to strangers, but this charming dog has a sweet and artistic heart.