The Heartbreaking story of Bokshil the blind dog

One family made a choice to move places 10 years ago, but for some reason unknown to the residents of their former neighborhood, they decided to leave their blind dog behind.

Now, the sight of seeing the blind dog named Bokshil waiting for her owners to get back for her after such a long time is breaking the hearts of everyone who is familiar with her sad story.

blind dog waiting for owners

Over all those years, Bokshil survived on the streets all thanks to the kind passersby who always make sure to feed her their scraps and give her some water.

Some neighbors even made her a doghouse where she can take a rest from chasing after people all day long, hoping she’ll recognize her family in some of them. Unfortunately, that never happens.

Some kind-hearted individuals felt so sorry for the poor blind dog that they took her at the vet’s where they were told her health slowly declines and she’s completel.

blind dog heartbreaking story

After the check-up and discussing Bokshil’s situation, they agreed it was for the best if they let her stay on the streets and that spot she never leaves because she’s way too old to be taken away from her comfort zone and into a new family.

Bokshil’s story should be spread away so that dog owners know the agony they are causing if they decide to get rid of their pet just like that.

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