You had to think about it! A bride preferred to barter the wedding flowers of her bridesmaids against shelter dogs in search of new families. An initiative that has paid off!

Sally Burky, 29 years old, has always loved animals. She adopted a Pit Bull refuge shortly before meeting her fiance who immediately showed a lot of affection for the doggie. Together, the couple volunteered for the shelter where their dog Tank came from and donated them several times each year since they met. They also host families for dogs waiting for the adoption, and have been keen to put these beautiful animals in the spotlight at their wedding.

It’s on Pinterest that Sally saw the idea of ​​bringing puppies to the witnesses and bridesmaids instead of bouquets of flowers. But knowing that older dogs find it harder to find families, Sally chose to choose senior dogs to celebrate this great day alongside the guests!

On D-Day, Sally was very moved by the sight of the sheltering doggies that had been on their 31s just like all of her friends and loved ones. She could not help crying with joy at seeing them!

The pictures of these beautiful dogs shared on social networks have helped doggies find new adoptive families since marriage. May this young couple live many years of happiness alongside their tank dog!

The kindness didn’t end there, they also hope to sponsor the adoption fee of Yazzy, the last pup in the bridal party searching for a family to call her own.