This Cute Doggie Found How To Handle His Anxiety During Fireworks!


Sometimes you are surrounded by things and people who do us good.

In France, it is this Sunday, July 14th that the fireworks will burst all over the country! But in the United States, the national holiday takes place on July 4, and it is on this occasion that a dog in particular has discovered the joys and the inconveniences of this time of the year.

Kimbo is a Golden Retriever who has lived all his life in New York. He has a sense of adventure, and loves going to the dog park, swimming in dog pools and hiking with his owner Marco.

Recently, Kimbo and Marco moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn, and discovered on the occasion of National Day that their new neighborhood loves fireworks!

Fortunately, a 4-year-old girl – the daughter of one of Marco’s friends – took care of Kimbo and found ways to help him through this difficult time!

When the dog was lying in the bathtub, she surrounded him with all his favorite toys, so that he knew that his best friends were there for him! Installed in this way, the puppy calmed down and even managed to sleep a little while the fireworks were still heard in the distance.

Congratulations to Kimbo for handling this stressful moment, and to this ingenious little girl who knew how to help him!