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This Dog Knows How To Destroy A Piñata (video)


A child was struggling to dismantle a hanging figurine filled with treats. If his slashing started Mario’s birthday piñata, it was not enough to completely dismantle him. It was the dog, who witnessed the “thrashing” from the beginning, who showed him how to do it.

The piñata is a container or figurine that is filled with treats and that hangs at parties, including birthdays, in traditional ways in countries such as Mexico.

The goal is to beat the hanging object with a stick until it breaks and releases the candies and other treats it contains.

In the video below, posted on Facebook and taken over by The Dodo, we can see a young boy unleashing a torrent of body blows upon the candy-filled figurine.

Despite his attempts, the kids couldn’t make Mario break.

All under the eyes of a dog that begins to circle around the child and the piñata, the dog ends up losing patience with the this Mario figurine full of many good things. And as expected, he takes action …

As you can see, the dog has left no chance for the poor piñata. But thanks to him, all the guests were able to treat themselves to a little sweetness.