Sometimes we hurt those we love …

Draco the Pit Bull was adopted into a shelter when he was only 2 weeks old. And since his youngest age, he has a favorite toy: a pillow that he nibbles every time he wants to take a nap.

If Draco likes to chew on his toys in general, he has always been careful not to spoil his favorite pillow. But his owners had to ban the fluff in the house because Draco destroyed them all after a few minutes!

the drama of the pillow occurred when one of Draco’s canine friends wanted him to share this toy so precious to the Pit Bull. The young Draco rushed to retrieve his pillow, and in the process, tore it by mistake!

The inside of the pillow littered the floor, and Draco was heartbroken.

Fortunately, his owner’s mum knows how to wield a sewing machine like no one else, and quickly reassured Draco that she was going to do her best to repair her favorite pillow.

It was there that we saw how much the doggie was holding on his toy: while she was strapping his pillow, he was standing by to watch the process with a more than anxious look on his face. It looked like she was operating a loved one! Meanwhile, Draco was crying and staring at his pillow, trying to catch it with his teeth.

As soon as his toy was repaired, Draco rushed to make a big hug on his pillow and take a good nap with it. He was visibly relieved to find it safe and sound!