Sometimes life gives us lots of presents at the same time.

This is the moving story of a stepfamily who gathered around a Pit Bull called Cupid (or Cupidon)! The name of this dog is particularly well found, as he gathers and creates love around him.

Jessica Banzhof was breezing through a pet shop to give back a pack of croquettes when she fell on Cupid. He was wearing a cozy little sweater and Jessica could not help but approach him.

If Cupid was in this pet shop that day, it’s thanks to the Dogs on the Town program that seeks to draw the neighborhood’s attention to local shelter dogs. The idea is to get the dogs out to meet people who might want to adopt them.

Jessica immediately sent an SMS to her husband to talk to him about her crush for Cupid, this doggie calm, affectionate and just adorable. It had been a while since her sons wanted a big dog, and she wondered if Cupid could be the perfect dog for her family!

At that time, the family had already started a process of adoption of another order: the adoption of Gabe, the son of Jessica, by his father-in-law! For a long time, Jessica and Gabe only lived together and struggled to make ends meet and keep morale up. Today, this mom and her son have a second chance at happiness. Gabe has become a big brother, and the whole family gets along well and has a daily routine punctuated by joy and good humor!

The adoption of Gabe was finally confirmed on the same day as the adoption of Cupid: after obtaining Gabe’s adoption certificate in court, the family ate a good meal at the restaurant to celebrate this great day. Then, Gabe asked her mum if they could all go together to get the new dog Cupid from the shelter.

At the shelter, Cupid and Gabe both posed for a photo with their adoption certificates. For the whole family, it was an emotional day. We wish them all the happiness of the world!