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This Illustrator Is The King Of Flip Books: The Art Of Telling Stories While Turning Pages


The Flippist tells animated stories with his creative flip books that are hugely successful on social media.

The flipbook, better known as the “flip book”, is a small booklet of drawings or photographs that come alive when the pages are scrolled very quickly. In short, flip books can tell small animated stories from simple drawings.

And if he is a master in this matter, it is surely The Flippist. Behind this pseudonym lives Ben Zurawski, an artist who made the flip book his trademark. On social networks, he publishes many more surprising videos than others, where they tell small stories with them booklets entirely hand-drawn.

the artist federates no less than 663,000 followers on his Instagram account and 433,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. We invite you to discover below some of his creations and we invite you, as usual, to visit the portfolio of the artist for more

The Only Medicine I Need


Reverse Mariage Proposal


Pizza Hut Flipbook


With You For Life


Proposal With Hidden Engagement Ring


A Year In Review




credit: The Flippist   

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