Dachshund also known as Tackel, Dackel, Badger, Wiener and the sausage dog.  Famously described by H.L Menken as “A half- dog high and a dog-and- a-half long”.

History of Dachshund:

  •  Originated in Germany, Dachshunds were bred to hunt.

The dachshund

  • The standard size hunts badgers and wild boar, while the miniature pursued hare and foxes.
  •  Among the different varieties of Dachshunds, the short-haired “Smooth” is the oldest, giving rise later to the long-haired and wire-haired ones.
  • The breed was brought to America in 1885 but increased in popularity in the 30 and 40s.


  • Dachshunds are known for their long and low bodies.
  • They come in two sizes: Standard and Miniature.
  • The breed comes in three coat type:
  • Smooth.
  • Wirehaired.
  • Longhaired.

All three coat types come in a variety of colors and marking.

  • Colors seen have a wide range, but the common ones are black, blue, chocolate, fawn, red, cream and combination of some of these.
  • The standard Dachshund adult has a height of 8 to 9 inches and weight of 11 to 32 pounds.
  • The miniature adult has a height of 5 to 6 inches and weight of 1 to 11 pounds.


  • Dachshunds are active, loving dogs.
  • They are typically friendly and curious by nature.
  • This breed takes time to get comfortable with new people and is good as a watchdog.
  • Can get whiny and depressed if left alone.
  • They are good family dogs, especially if they grow up with children.
  • It always important to supervise play in case your child doesn’t hold him in the right way.
  • A dachshund is a hyper-alert and he has a big, deep bark, the reason why he is a superb watchdog.




While the long-haired Dachshunds do require extra care, the smooth is absolutely easy care “do not require much grooming”.

– Wiping a Smooth Dachshund down with a wet wipe or a damp washcloth can keep him looking shiny between baths.


-Require more frequent bathing.

-To remove dead fur the coat needs to be stripped two to three times per year.

-Longhaired :

Longhaired Dachshunds require regular bathing and must be blow-dried in order to look their best.

-We recommend daily brushing to keep the hair free of mats and debris.

The frequency of brushing does not depend only on the hair length. Dogs with shorter hair can also be frequent shedders.

– Nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing need to be regular.


  • Dachshund is a clever dog, but its stubborn nature can make training it a tough task.

The dog can be difficult to housebreak and requires patience.

It is generally a highly energetic dog and requires a moderate walk or a good game of fetch.

  • Being short-legged, it can also get a reasonable amount of exercise indoors if it is living in a large house.

Dachshunds come in so many varieties so if you want to adopt one make sure to find one that matches your tastes, and remember in order to have a well balanced confident dog it is important to socialize him at a younger age, especially with the introduction to strangers.

With to correct training they can be excellent loyal family members, they will entertain you and provide you with a lifetime of love and cuddles.


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