A homeless little puppy was determined to be rescued. Then an elephant rescue organization takes her under her wing and finds her forever home.

While the young puppy was sitting in a market in glacial Sri Lanka, she was wagging her tail when people passed by. She did what she could to get noticed. The puppy attracted the attention of Lek Chailert and other members of the elephant wildlife park rescue team. Thailand is home to the Elephant Nature Park. The park is where elephants that have been rescued from dangerous situations live. Lek and his rescue team were doing research in Sri Lanka and saw the young dog during their trip to Nuwela Eliya.

homless little puppy

The little puppy was trying to get attention by waving her tail, and there were thousands of people passing by. Many ignored it and passed quickly, but then, the team petted her briefly because they were in a hurry.

little puppy kept wagging her tail

The puppy came after them and continued to do so for a great distance, but then they took her in their arms and took her back to where they found her. The little dog kept coming after them, and then their hearts got the best of them.

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