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Here Are The 30 Winners Of 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are organized, a contest that rewards the most entertaining animal photography in the world. Here are the winners of this 2018 edition.

What we adore with animals is their spontaneity that makes them so funny and often so endearing. But an animal is unpredictable and it is always difficult for a photographer to succeed in capturing the right moment. It is to reward these talented photographers that the annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards takes place.

For the past 4 years, this competition like no other has rewarded the most amusing and unusual animal pictures. For the 2018 edition, more than 2000 photos were sent to the jury, which had to decide to finally keep only fifty. The jury also states that the competition is not reserved for professionals. They represent 70% of the competitors, but there are still 30% of amateurs who participate in this challenge like no other.

We invite you to discover below 30 photos from the winners of this 2018 edition, which will be awarded on the occasion of an exceptional evening organized in London on November 15th. You can also visit the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website to discover all the participation and we invite you, of course, to discover the best shots of the previous edition.

Wildlife Photograbear

Credit: Roie Galitz

Caught In The Act

Credit: Mary McGowan


Credit: Khallol Mukherjee


Credit: Muriel Vekemans


Credit: Geet Weggen

Mother Returned From Her Meeting At School

Mother returned from her meeting at school. Credit: Vallteri Mulhahaimen
Credit: Vallteri Mulhahaimen

Have A Headache

Credit: Maureen Toft

The Black Skimmer Gang

Credit: Ke Qiang Ruan

Hot Kiss

Credit: Serge Savvi

Drive Safe

Credit: Jonathan Irish

Peek A Boo

Credit: Shane Keena

Yoga Bear

Credit: Roie Galitz


Credit: Amy Kennedy

Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose

Credit: Jamie Bussey

Y Cheek

Credit: Robert Adamson

The People Are Back

Credit: Patty Bauchman

This Is Sparta

Credit: Sergy Savvi


Credit: Micheal Watts

Flying Hyena

Credit: Kevin Rooney

Astonished Lemur


Credit: Antonio Medina

Smiling Ele

Credit: Anup Deodhar

Dancing Deer

Credit: Bartek Olszewski

The Yawn

Credit: Danielle D’Ermo

The Singing Moose

Credit: Mary Hone


Credit: Muntazeri Abdi

Coastal Brown Bear Cub With Headache

Credit: Danielle D’Ermo

Perfect Pillow

Credit: Denise Dupras

Martian Tango

Credit: Sergy Savvi

A Farewell

Credit: Quisheng Hu

Credit: Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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