Two dogs were trapped in an apartment in Seine-Saint-Denis. For a week they had been wounded in a room without water, food. The 30 Million Friends Foundation and the National Police intervened and were able to save them in time.

For over a week, this American Bully and American Staffordshire were on their own. The two dogs were locked in a room, narrow, on the side of Gagny (Seine-Saint-Denis). Without the least source of water, nor access to food.

Without Water Or Food For Week, These 2 Dogs Also Lived In Their Feces 01

Worse, they had no choice but to defecate on the spot, and thus to live in the stench of their excrement. “The room and the balcony were littered with excrement and the animals were walking in puddles of urine. A strong nauseating odor accompanied the dirt of the place, “reports the 30 Million Friends Foundation on their website.

The two dogs were beaten

Fortunately for them, the rescuers intervened thanks to an alert launched by neighbors. It was accompanied by the national police. Those present on the spot noticed some injuries to the canines, including a depigmentation at the tail and a paw at the Staff.

Without Water Or Food For Week, These 2 Dogs Also Lived In Their Feces 02

The testimonials overwhelm the owner of the premises, who would be an acquaintance of the brother of the original owner. The latter can not take care of it anymore. Indeed, the two dogs would be beaten too. Their ordeal is happily over.

The members of the Foundation sent the 2 animals to their shelter, where they will be looked after till they recover. Thzy decided to file a complaint for abandonment and acts of cruelty.

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