At age 14, a young woman from Pennsylvania was forced to part ways with her beloved puppy Chloe, who held a special place in her heart. She had always wondered what had happened to the pup, that is, until an unbelievable twist of fate occurred on social media many years later.

Now 21, the young woman Nicole Grimes, of West Brownsville, was considering adopting another dog in early 2018, not long after Grimes’s daughter had turned 1.

Woman Adopts Elderly Dog From Shelter and Finds Out It’s Actually Her

That was when one of her friends on Facebook shared with her photos of an elderly Pomeranian-poodle, which needed to be re-homed, as an adoptive option. Yet, the 11-year-old dog looked strangely familiar.

“It looked very similar to my puppy when I was little,” Grimes, now a pharmacy technician, told Observer-Reporter.

Nicole Grimes

“I really loved this dog,” she said. “She was a special gift for me.”

Chloe entered into Grimes’s life when her late grandmother Jane Cecil gave the dog to her as a gift.

“I was 10 years old and all I wanted was a puppy. She was wearing a pink bow when Nana gave her to me,” Grimes told BBC.

Since then, the young girl and puppy had formed a close bond. Yet, sadly, four years later, they had no choice but to give Chloe up to the Humane Society for adoption, as she was too noisy.

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