Florida woman was arrested after she was caught in video abusing her leashed dog while they walked through a parking lot.

      Video can be found on the page 2/2 of this article      

Michelle Sieber, 26, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, was arrested Friday and charged with animal cruelty after passerby Vincent Minutello recorded her kicking her dog and yanking up so hard on its leash that the poor animal was left struggling to stand on its hind legs.

The video was recorded in a parking lot in Tarpon Springs on Friday at about 10.45am. Minutello had just dropped off his girlfriend, who worked nearby, when he saw Sieber mistreating the dog, according to Fox 35.

In the video, which Minutello shot from the driver’s seat of his car, Sieber and the dog can be seen seen walking through a parking lot towards a camper van. The dog seems to be well-behaved and even wagging its tail.

After a few steps, Sieber kicks the dog for an unclear reason. She then yanks the dog’s leash and shortens it by wrapping it around her wrist, at which point the dog adopts a seated position.

      Video can be found on the page 2/2 of this article      

She then starts walking towards the camper van, but the dog starts to resist by refusing to walk forward. Eventually she’s able to get the dog to start moving again and all seems to be okay, until the dog tries to jump onto the camper’s bumper.

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