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Woman Forced To Choose Between Her Dog And Her Home! (Video)


She was forced to choose between her dog and her home, what you do if you were her?

No other dog wags its tail as frantically as JoJo.
She is a real concentrate of joy that had to live away from his family for 2 weeks. Her mom had promised to come back for her and kept her word …

Felicia Harrington was shopping at a mall in Dallas, Texas when she saw that a pet adoption event organized by the local SPCA.

Felicia, a mother of a 5-year-old boy named Jay and pregnant with her second child, had no intention of adopting a dog, but she still wanted to take a look at it, just by curiosity.

She was far from suspecting that she would literally fall in love with a female dog, the oldest of the group (3 years) and especially the quietest one.

As soon as their eyes met, Felicia was convinced that this dog, named Jolander, was made to be part of her family. She paid the $50 adoption fee and returned with “JoJo” home.

She was forced to choose between her dog and her home, what you do if you were her

New home….

As soon as she arrived in her new home, JoJo emphasized her discretion and affectivity, especially with Jay.

The next days, JoJo also surprised her new family by her behavior outside; at the park, for example, her owners encouraged her to go out and play with the other dogs because she preferred to stay by their side.

As if she was too happy to have finally found a family and was too scared to lose it, she had been shuffled from one shelter to another before ending up at the Texas SPCA.

However, despite her kindness, JoJo’s presence was not welcomed in the neighborhood.

Some neighbors took it, indeed, for a Pitbull and thought it dangerous. They complained to the lessor, who eventually sent an ultimatum by e-mail to Felicia Harrington, a month and a half before the end of her lease; the mother had to get rid of her dog, on pain of being asked to leave the house well before the end of the lease.

Felicia did not believe her eyes … She had already found another apartment, certainly, but it would not be released before 2 weeks. And for her, it was out of the question to abandon JoJo.

After several unsuccessful contacts, she eventually turned to the Texas SPCA. She has agreed to help her as long as she promises to come back for the dog once her problem is resolved. It was obvious to Felicia.

The organization quickly found a homestay for JoJo, who wisely waited for her return during those two weeks. Felicia finally moved in and, as promised, went to the shelter with her son to recover JoJo.

The scene of the reunion was immortalized through this beautiful video …